• Esther Harrison

Life Results & Living through lockdown in Auckland

Weeks of lockdown have been difficult with isolation, restrictions and uncertainty for the future weighing heavy on us all. None of us know the long-term implications of the Pandemic on us and the wider world. I thought about what I can do and what we all can do as a collective to help us and other people recover from this shock.

I decided to take up a hobby during my time in lockdown. It occurred to me that people in general were seeking to gain back normality in their daily lives. The lockdown here in Auckland has given me the incentive to publish a series of books which are designed to be thought provoking and helpful to all who read them.

Covid19 has transformed the lifestyles and day-to-day routines of everyone in society. Some of the more extreme changes such as lockdowns and closures of businesses have made it impossible for people to maintain the lifestyle they were living prior to the virus. To bounce back from the damage that Covid19 has done, everyone will have to evaluate their current lifestyle to identify what changes can be done to get them back on the right track. This is easily said than done!

On reflection, it became clear to me that sustainability needs to be the number one priority when thinking about a lifestyle, and that is for both your personal health as well as the state of the environment we all share.

Making changes for a sustainable lifestyle are the best way to make sure you are making decisions today that will make you more comfortable and happier in retirement.

My hope is that the books intended for individuals looking to grow and improve their overall health following Covid19, will be getting a proper understanding with accurate information. Anyone interested in reading the first, can access the book Survive the Pandemic Era; Learning Modern Survival Lifestyles FREE on Amazon from 21 December 2021 for a limited time. Please give honest reviews so that I know if you liked them and found them useful.

My Why

I developed Life Results Limited to coach people through their daily trials that lead to stress, fear, doubt, and illness.

Come to Life Results limited if you want to bring back clarity and happiness into your life. When you attend sessions with me, you can shift your mindset to be more positive and active in your day to day living. You will learn how to lose the stress or fear sitting in your way, so you can take back your power and confidence to create a new, improved you living the life you choose.