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About Esther 

 My speciality is overall wellbeing, self-management, and mindfulness to find new meaning for a happier lifestyle. I am passionate about creating a happier world one person at a time.

My journey towards changing my lifestyle to a more resilient one started with discovering what matters to me, my strengths and interests that drive me every day. We all meet challenges throughout our life that make us feel fragile, vulnerable which often lead us in a new direction. I am no exception.

Throughout the years I have lived through obstacles and challenges like everyone else. I know what it is like to start again in a foreign country, be made redundant, without work, live from pay to pay, lose loved ones, and overcome bowel cancer. I have come out the other side a more healthy, happy, and more hopeful individual ready to take on the world.

Esther Harrison

My life took a turn for the better when Covid-19 reached our shores, plunging the country into lockdown. I took a leap of faith in my ability to adapt and change to the present circumstances by enrolling in the NZIBS Life Coaching course. I am now an accredited ANZCAL coach!

As we move into a new digital, scientific age, many are feeling vulnerable, isolated, and threatened by the changes taking place in our community and work-place environments. The new reality unfolding before us is unknown territory. Sometimes we need a helping hand to navigate our way through and guide us in the right direction. Someone who makes us feel worthy and empowered to take that first step from our comfort zone where we can expand our horizon.

When we consider who we are and decide where we want to be, life becomes a place of joy, satisfaction and less troublesome. I can help you to focus on what really matters to you and to less ruminate on what is not going well in your life today or in the past. I am that someone you can approach who will listen, hear, and understand you- my agenda is your agenda.


When you look inwards into yourself, acknowledge your strengths and build on them to confront your fears life shifts the mountains that have held you back. I can motivate you to initiate healthy life choices and celebrate your successes that will sustain you a lifetime. I am your ally towards learning and fulfilment in a sustainable lifestyle. I can help you create the lifestyle you want through the process of wellbeing coaching.


What does your version of the future feel like to you? What is your choice looking like? Your hopes and dreams for the new world? This is what is happening for all of us this moment in time. We are creating a new existance that is from our choice.