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As your Wellbeing and Resilient Coach, I can help you reach your potential in any life area of your choice. I work from a holistic view to help you navigate through life's challenges. Maybe you feel overwhelmed, or hold fears for your future in an ever changing world.

Would you like each day to be more calm and productive?

Together we can:

  • FIND your purpose in life

  • CREATE new possibilities

  • TRANSFORM your life

  • DEVELOP your resilliant lifestyle

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​When you look inwards into yourself, acknowledge your strengths and build on them to confront fears; life shifts the mountains that hold you back.

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None of us know the future, but we can choose how we live in it. I can help you get from where you are now to where you want to be with confidence.

Whether you wish to:

  • Start up your own business

  • Change jobs

  • Improve a relationship!

  • Lose weight

  • Enjoy your life more

  • Plan retirement years


You know you can create a better life for you. You just need a guiding hand. We can work together to make it a future reality filled with joy, abundance and opportunity to last you a lifetime.

Is there some part of your life you wish would be different? Something you want to improve or change? 


We all have hopes and dreams that somehow never come to pass because life gets in the way. I believe I can help you to be more resilient to any challenges you may face now and in the future.


The world is in a time of confusion, change and isolation, Covid 19 has plunged our world into great change-huge upheaval right now!


What does your version of the future feel like to you? What is your choice looking like? Your hopes and dreams for the new world? This is what is happening for all of us this moment in time. We are creating a new existence that is from our choice.

My name is Esther Harrison, I am an ANZCAL accredited coach and I believe I can help you restore balance into your everyday life, to live the lifestyle you choose through being resilliant to change.

I've been where you are. I realised that I was not tapping into my full potential so I embarked on a new journey that enabled me to rediscover what I was put on this earth to do.


My purpose is to guide people to become better versions of themselves and to live a content life everyday of their lives.

Esther Harrison

Esther Harrison
Wellbeing & Resilient 

My specialty is overall wellbeing, self-management and mindfulness. I am passionate about creating a happier world...one person at a time.

My Mission

Life Results Wellbeing and Resilient Coach was created to support individuals to begin their journey to happiness and personal growth following any changes to their circumstances and lifestyle.

My Vision

A world filled with individuals who realise their potential and can celebrate a shared lifestyle filled with joy, gratitude, and acceptance for themselves, each other and nature.

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Discover how to reclaim your life and your dreams amidst the pandemic.

Covid-19 has transformed the lifestyles and day-to-day routines of everyone in society, and some of the more extreme changes such as lockdowns and closures of businesses have made it impossible for people to maintain the lifestyle they were living prior to the virus. To bounce back from the damage that Covid-19 has done, everyone will have to evaluate their current lifestyle to identify what changes can be done to get them back on the right track.

Book 1 is intended for anyone looking to grow and improve their overall health following Covid-19, to getting a proper understanding with accurate information. It gives a way to trust the decisions you make is with a sustainable lifestyle, balancing your mental and physical health.

Survive The New Pandemic Era
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